The value that QSC Business Coaching brings to members' businesses is evident.  But don't just take our word for it - see what our members have to say!!!

James and Elysia Carthon
All City Heating Air and Plumbing

"I have been using QSC coaching services for the last 13 or so years and have found the coaches to be a valuable asset to my business.

One of the best services they provide is in-person, onsite visits where they can see how your work flows.  This time together allows us the opportunity to discuss strategies and concerns and it enables the coach to observe day-to-day business practices. During my semiannual visits I usually have my coach do a presentation to my plumbing crew about sales and best practices. I have found that they are well-received and the phenomenon about when someone else presents what you have been saying for weeks suddenly becomes of value.

If you are trying to grow your business or make it more profitable, I recommend using one of the coaches from QSC."

George Salet
George Salet Plumbing, Inc.George_Salet.png_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

"We have been working with PHCC QSC for several years.  When we found this organization we were looking for a coaching staff.  We looked and interviewed many coaches with a wide range of backgrounds.  When we spoke with PHCC QSC we knew we had found our home.  The coaching staff is warm, knowledgeable, personable and really helps you get on the right path.  Les Hanks is our coach and I can’t say enough about his knowledge and wellness to help.  He is available anytime we need him!  He is great with helping understand ideas, concepts and numbers!  Coaching visits are also fantastic!  Having a set of outside eyes to meet out staff and offer observations is priceless!

 Thank you PHCC QSC!"

Eric Maxon
Steward's Plumbing

“I am constantly on the search for new education to help our company grow.  The QSC experience fulfills my needs plus some.  It's ever-changing so if I decided to change directions the resources are always there.  My favorite aspect is the peer groups getting to hear others inside success stories and failures.  It's nice to grow from others experiences.  I can guarantee the growth we have experienced in our company is directly related to our relationships built through QSC.  There is an excellent ROI.”

Erin Morrison, Brandon’s Plumbing

"QSC is true to its acronym: Quality Service ‘Comrades’.  Being able to open up to fellow business owners and develop camaraderie with one another helps all of us achieve a greater level of success in our own organizations." 

Karen Hill
HM Plumbing

"Being part of QSC has been a game-changer for our company.  In addition to learning best practices, and being introduced to new resources to improve our marketing and productivity, we are blessed to form relationships with owners from all over the US & Canada.  And as if that is not enough, the guidance we get from the coaches is very valuable.  The cool thing is that we were so needy all those years ago and eager to implement so many things that we had to take it one thing at a time.  Today we are in the position to give back some of what we have learned on our journey to becoming better every day.  Thanks, Les!"

Rhonda Dowdy
S&D Plumbing

"Some 35 years ago, I asked an older, more established plumbing company owner what the secret to his success was, and he told me, joining PHCC! He said, until he joined PHCC he was just another “chuck in a truck”.  He went on to say that, because of the tools they offered and the friendships he made, he learned to become a success in business.  I took his advice and join the first chance I got. 

 QSC was not around back then, but it is today, and oh what an owner Paul would have been if he could have learned from QSC today. QSC has helped our plumbing company of 40 years with the tools and coaching we needed to take us to the next level and beyond. Les Hanks has become a valuable member of our team and we rely on his skills to keep us on track. We have plans to add branch locations and even expanding in to the A/C market soon. You’d better bet that QSC will be by our side.

Thanks for all you do for the industry QSC!"

Sam Dowdy
S&D Plumbing

For information please contact Jordan Fleger, Member Relations Manager at [email protected] or call 800-533-7694.