Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Quality Service Contractors (QSC) exists to help service and repair contractors achieve greater success and be acknowledged as "the best of the best" through innovative education and training programs, networking and business services.  To advance these goals the following Code of Ethics has been established. All members of QSC agree to adhere to them as an expression of their principles of proper conduct in the pursuit of business. These principles shall extend to the public, our fellow contractors, our employees, and the organization.

Obligation of the QSC Contractor

  • Will provide the plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical services of our industry to the fullest extent of my ability.
  • Will protect the environment as well as the health, safety, and comfort of the public and my clients.

Obligation to the Public

  • Will conduct my individual operations according to the highest professional standards.
  • Will faithfully fulfill all contracts.
  • Will provide the best possible client service at a fair price.
  • Will develop, through continual study, the highest degree of knowledge of our industry.

Obligation to Our Fellow Members

  • Will encourage the free exchange of ideas.
  • Will meet with fellow members and promote all the precepts of this code.
  • Will present a broad and favorable image of the industry across our nation.
  • Will promote equal treatment of all plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractor members.
  • Will oppose any discriminatory practices against any of our members.
  • Will not engage in recruiting employees from fellow QSC members.

Obligation to Our Employees

  • Will provide opportunities for training, employment, career advancement and economic security in a progressive manner to all those who apply themselves.
  • Will provide an environment that promotes integrity, honesty, and teamwork.
  • Will provide an open door policy to encourage input that will better our company.
  • Will provide proper tools, uniforms, etc. to present a favorable image in the community of both our company and QSC.
  • Will provide a complete understanding to all employees what it means to be a QSC member.

Obligation to Our Organization

  • Will promote the spirit of this code and the objectives of our industry by increasing participation in QSC and the PHCC-National Association.
  • Will establish and maintain the highest level of mutual respect and goodwill with all segments of the industry.