Fast Track to Service Plumbing - Online Technician Course

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Finally there's a solution to a problem keeping you up at night. 
How do I train an employee to be productive in a service truck in record time?  The answer: Fast Tract to Service Plumbing!

What is the PHCC Academy®’s Fast Track to Service Plumbing course? 

It is a comprehensive entry-level training program, designed for contractors by contractors, for employees who do residential or commercial plumbing service and repair work. The goal of this program is to get an employee trained and productive within the first year of being hired.  

Students work at their own pace, studying as much or as little as the work week permits while maintaining a work/life balance. Most students are expected to complete the course in 12 – 18 months.

Fast Track to Service and Repair offers year-round open enrollment so employees can begin today!

Course includes 34 training modules critical for the success of today’s plumbing service and repair professionals. Topics include: safety, customer service, plumbing and electrical work, basic business skills, and more.

Cost per student $2,899. QSC Contractors receive $500 additional off. 

As a special thank you to QSC members for helping with the original development of this course content, we have a special promotion until January 29, 2021 - Purchase one enrollment and receive one for free.  Two for the price of one. 

For system demo, course syllabus or explanation on how this program differs from E.Learning 4-year registered apprentice program, please fill out the following form and we will get back to you within 2 business days.

Click to review the Fast Track Plumbing Course Syllabus (PDF)

, please contact your PHCC State Chapter . Be sure to mention your a QSC Member to receive the special discount rate.
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