UAC Board of Trustees

Responsible for developing programs and services that meet the needs of PHCC's signatory contractors with an emphasis on content development and maintenance of the UAC online community.

David Frame

Bob Frame Plumbing Services, Inc.
South Bend, Indiana

Brian Rich
G. A. Rich & Sons, Inc.
Deer Creek, Illinois

Lori Abbott

Abbott Industries, Inc.
Bensenville, Illinois

Billy Boyle, lll
W.E.B. Mechanical
Henderson, Nevada

William E. Boyle

W.E.B. Mechanical
Henderson, Nevada

Thomas Gent

Kane Mechanical, LLC
East Alton, Illinois

Dave Siddall
D.A. Dodd, Inc
Rolling Prairie, Indiana

Bev Potts

PHCC of Illinois - Executive Director
Springfield, Illinois

Steve Stimson
G. A. Rich & Sons, Inc.
Deer Creek, Illinois

David Hames

PHCC of Oklahoma City - Executive Director
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Andrew Moran
General Plumbing Corporation
Long Island City, New York

Executive Committee Liaison

Cindy Sheridan

PHCC—National Association
Falls Church, Virginia

PHCC—National Staff

S.J. Peters
UAC Consultant
PCA of Greater Chicago
Downers Grove, Illinois