Past Winners

Spectrum Award

This award is presented to the State or Local Association Executive, AEC Member, who most embodies the AEC “Standard of Conduct” as approved by AEC and who has demonstrated exemplary leadership. The award reflects extraordinary achievements and the promise of future accomplishments with association management professional organizations, continuing professional development and participation in community and civic affairs.

Winners: 2001-Onwards

2021 None
Ellen Whitaker, Georgia
Mike Mcgraw, Pennsylvania
Beth Killen, Tennessee
2014 Rocco Fana, Ohio
2013 Dorothy Reddy, New York
2012 Tom Theroux, Massachusetts
2011 Kathy Jonas, Indiana
2010 Jody Hibbs, Virginia
2009 Kevin Kruse, Iowa
2008 Jory Isakson, Minnesota
2007 Rodney Jones, Illinois
2006 Mark Whalen, New York
2005 Nancy Jones, CAE, Texas
2004 Brenda Dant, CAE, Indiana
2003 Bev Potts, Illinois
2002 Ray Hefner, Missouri
2001 Gordon MacEwan, Massachusetts


2000 Sandy Pogan, CAE, Ohio
1999 Sherry Hernandez, Nevada
1998 Diane Kastner, Maryland
1997 Linda Lindsten, Oregon
1996 John Nussbaum, Michigan
1995 Joan Braun, Milwaukee & Sue Schram, Wisconsin
1994 Susan Clark, California
1993 Betty Gill, Tennessee
1992 Don Sullivan, Minnesota
1991 Steve Lehtonen, California
1990 Ed Corbishley, Delaware
1989 Margaret Salava, North Carolina
1988 George Whelan, New York
1987 Lynn Brigss, Michigan
1986 Marilyn Pierce, Kentucky
1985 James Muncy, Virginia
1984 Allen Inlow, Kansas
1983 Don Sullivan, Minneapolis
1982 Robert Reinhart, Florida

Award for Excellence in Communications

The AEC Award for Excellence in Communication allows your hard work in getting the PHCC message out to members and consumers to be recognized. Your newsletter, magazine, convention program, and website will be judged by a panel of experts against other state or local associations of comparable size.

Winners are announced at the PHCC Annual Convention.

Events and Conventions - Bev Pitts, PHCC of Illinois
Magazine - Dorothy Reddy, PHCC of New York
Membership Directory - Bev Potts, PHCC of Illinois
Newsletter- Beth Killen, PHCC of Tennessee
Social Media - Ray Hefner, Plumbing Industry Council of Missouri
Website - Dorothy Gurka, Gulf Coast Texas PHCC