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Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Denver - 2021 Guide

Denver is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the state of Colorado. The restaurants have spacious outdoors and an excellent indoor seating ESA letter area. Some restaurants also offer a special dog menu.

Finding a dog-friendly restaurant is one of the most challenging jobs for any dog owner. All dog owners need to take their dog along with him and enjoy eating out with their dog.  

So, finding a dog-friendly restaurant is still a difficult task for some dog owners. Denver is a city that has offered a lot to dog owners. Denver is the capital of Colorado and the most famous city. This city loves dogs, and they have several dog parks, restaurants, cafes, and some other places where you can easily hang out with your dog.

All the places welcome you and your dog with love and care. Some restaurants have a separate dog menu, and it is prepared under the proper guidance of experienced chefs.

In Denver, there are many dog-friendly restaurants available where you can easily visit with your dog.

If you find it difficult, we gather a list of dog-friendly restaurants in Denver that welcome your dog and offer special treats.         

The Watering Bowl

This restaurant offers a lot of activities to keep your dog happy and busy. The watering bowl restaurant has a large off-leash dog park and a pool. It is a nice place for you and your emotional support dog. A legally register emotional support dog letter is easily entered in this restaurant, but make sure they do not disturb anyone in the restaurant.

Denver Beer Company

This place has served the local craft beers, and they do not serve food, but you can take your dog inside this place. There are some food trucks outside where you can buy the food. With an ESA letter, you can easily travel and buy the property.

The Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project

The intrepid sojourner beer project place is now known as the Next Stop Brew Co. The place has a great indoor and outdoor area. They offer excellent beers that you can enjoy in the outdoor area. This place has a spacious dog-friendly patio. They also do not serve food, but you can order from the food truck outside. ESA registration is required for your emotional support dog.

Black Shirt Brewing Company

This place serves pizza, salad, and appetizers, along with a variety of beers. They allow the dogs on the patio. It is the best place where you can easily spend time with your dog. Visit this place with your dog, and enjoy your time.

Forest Room 5

It is a great place to hang out with your human friends and dog. They have a spacious patio where you can easily enjoy your time. Forest Room 5 serves excellent food, and their staff is quite friendly.

If you want to visit this restaurant, make a plan and enjoy the best food with a beautiful ambiance. Get the ESA letter online and enjoy numerous benefits.


This place is the center of attraction for the people of Capitol Hill Neighborhood. Subculture is considered as a great place for friends gathering. Their outdoor patio is the best to hang out with your dog. They serve delicious sandwiches, beers, and different kinds of cocktails.   


This place serves both Mexican and American food. It is an ideal place to relax and hangout. The Racine has a small patio, and it is dedicated to the leashed dogs. With an ESA letter for housing, you can easily live with your emotional support dog, and without paying any extra charges.

The Racine’s serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner with wine and margaritas. The best thing about this restaurant is they serve gluten-free food.        

Highlands Cork & Cafe

This place serves breakfast, salad, Panini, tacos, and small pizzas. Their coffee and wine are too good in taste. They welcome dogs on the patio where drinking wine and smoking is not allowed. The Highlands Cork & Cafe must visit in the summertime. Enjoy the quality time with your dog at this restaurant.

Govnr’s Park Tavern

This place has a large outside patio and also offers buckets of water for the thirsty dogs. The outdoor area is shady, where you can enjoy your food and a relaxing environment. Their menu has a lot of delicious and toothsome dishes. You can also check their menu online on their website.

Thin Man Tavern and St. Mark’s Coffeehouse

This restaurant is located in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood. It has a large front patio where the dogs are allowed with their owners. They offer pastries, coffees, and Panini. An ideal place where you can easily hang out with other dog owners.

Emotional support animal certification is required if you travel in an air cabin. Some airlines do not allow you without the legal ESA letter.

Pub on Penn

This place is best for you and your emotional support dog. The Pub on Penn has water buckets for the dogs. You can enjoy your beer and comfortably sit on the patio with your dog. You can easily visit this place, and it is not very expensive.

The Denver Bicycle Cafe

The Denver bicycle cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and beer. You can simply fix your bike and then enjoy the delicious food. Dogs are also welcome in this bike-loving place. A good place to spend some time.