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How to Get A Scholarship?

As more people are reaching college, they are becoming expensive day by day. But not everyone is able to afford the expensive college, and even the bright student left behind just because they can’t pay the college dues.

If you are also one of them, you should consider applying for a merit college essay examples. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while applying for a scholarship.


Try to Find Local Scholarship

Many organizations, higher education commission, and various communities offer local scholarships. The odds of winning these scholarships are greater because they are open to a smaller group of students. Here is how you can find a local scholarship.

  • Check with your student counselor and college professors, they know about most of the local scholarships.
  • Search on the internet like social media websites, local scholarship organizations usually update their scholarship on social media websites.
  • Check community portals.
  • Ask people who are graduated
  • Use geographical internet searches, like “scholarship in (your city/state name)”


Find Scholarship with Smaller Awards

Most of the students are tend to find scholarships that offer bigger awards. What you need to know is, the bigger the award, the bigger the competition. Usually, scholarships with smaller awards have fewer applications. Hence, there are more chances of winning the scholarship.

These scholarships can help you with college costs like food, books, living expenses, and supplies. Covering off these smaller expenses can quickly add up to big savings.

Find Scholarship That Requires A Lot of Work.

Most of the students avoid scholarships that require a lot of work such as college essay writing service, videos, or scholarship essays. This type of scholarship usually has fewer applicants which means better chances of winning a scholarship.

Get Personal

There are a lot of scholarships around the world that offered on the personal interests of the applicants. for example; scholarship for photographers, zombie lovers, musicians, vegetarians, etc. the list goes on and on.

This allows you to apply for a scholarship that fits your interests. Instead of burning yourself out applying for every scholarship you qualify for, try to find the scholarships that perfectly fits your interests. You might have more chance of winning that specific scholarship instead of others.

How to Write A Scholarship Essay?

When you apply for a scholarship, you should prepare yourself for writing a compelling scholarship essay. The following tips might help you craft a perfect essay.

  • Start writing your essay as early as possible so that you can have plenty of time for revisions. Rushed essays will get rejected in the first place and you may not be able to get through the first stage.
  • Do not introduce yourself in your scholarship essay, you might get disqualified because of this. Scholarship committees prefer blind readings, so avoid adding your identification details.
  • Do not repeat your college essay, the purpose of a college application essay is different, it won’t work here.
  • Don’t use quotes, the scholarship essay is about you so its better to not add other’s words in your essay. try to be original and use your own words.
  • Stick to the point and satisfy all the requirements. You need to answer all the aspects of the essay prompt. Make sure you answer all questions accurately.
  • Do not go over the word limit. Stick to it. Do no go over it. Word limit might be one of the selection criteria. It is possible that the committee members first look at the word count and if you have written your essay within the word count, they read your essay, otherwise, they might reject it without giving it a read.
  • Proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes. Correct the sentence structure. Make sure your essay is making sense.
  • Submit your essay as early as possible. Do not wait for the last moment.

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