About Us

Who We Are

The PHCC-National Association is the premiere organization for the p-h-c professional. Since 1883, PHCC has been the industry leader in promotion, advancement, education and training. PHCC’s notable achievements include: 

  • Establishing a framework for the industry’s first apprenticeship system.
  • Championing the cause of safe, adequate sanitation to state legislatures.
  • Encouraging the invention of better plumbing appliances and fixtures.
  • Spearheading education programs to keep pace with technological change.
Who We Serve

Today, PHCC has more than 3,500 contractor members from open and union shops who work in the residential, commercial, new construction, industrial and service and repair industry segments. With PHCC as their professional partner, these members are equipped with the latest and best in education and training, countless proven business strategies, and a solid advocate on key legislative issues.

PHCC’s exclusive member benefits include: 

  • Management education and technical training.
  • Apprenticeship and journeyman training.
  • Scholarships and career promotional materials.
  • Business-building networking opportunities.
  • Pro-active legislative and regulatory initiatives.
  • Print and online periodicals.
  • Local, regional and national meetings and events.
  • PHCC-branded customized marketing resources.
  • Unlimited free telephone technical support.
  • Member discounts on a variety of contractor business services.
  • “Members-Only” discounts on all PHCC products, programs and services.