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CEDIA Webinar Highlights Smart Technology Integration Opportunities


Make sure to re-watch this recent webinar presented by Dave Pedigo of CEDIA to learn how offering smart technology options can increase profits, save production time and gain referrals. 

There are many opportunities out there for you to explore!  Here are a few that were mentioned:

  • Smart Thermostats
    • Plenty of opportunities. Studies estimate that 12 million homes in North America will have smart thermostats in 2017. By 2020, 33 million homes are expected to have these devices.
  • Smart Humidifiers
  • Smart Water Detection Devices
    • Automatic water shut off valves
  • Smoke / Carbon monoxide detectors
    • Automatic gas shut off valves

Plus, there are other ways PHCC members can tap into this market:

  • Home theater installers are looking for HVAC contractors to conduct high-end duct work to decrease noise floors in theaters and provide equipment ventilation.
  • A recent Houzz survey indicated a growing consumer interest in automated shades and blinds. Think about how your company to fit into this untapped industry!

A final opportunity to consider…

Insurance companies have an incentive (loss mitigation) to encourage clients to install smart devices that can help prevent fires, floods and other damages.  “I can almost guarantee that insurance companies will start underwriting smart home products,” speaker Dave Pedigo said.  Could you potentially install smart devices via a partnership with an insurance company?

How can I start?

Consider the possibilities today that would work for your business!