Marijuana and the Construction Industry

By Justin Elliott posted 06-05-2014 09:11

Regardless of personal views on the subject of drug use, the recent legislation allowing states to legalize the use of pot, presents some problems. We here in North Carolina have not yet gone that direction but I feel it might be inevitable. Our company does primarily large commercial/industrial projects and high security work. Our Drug Free policy is enforced by us and the customers we work for. We constantly battle finding qualified trades people that live drug free. I fear that as more and more states legalize drug use the problem will only get worse. No matter if it is made legal or not, OSHA, Insurance companies and stake holders, are not going to allow someone to work on construction sites while testing positive for drugs. I can say to those that choose to remain drug free, you will be seeing increases in pay as the available pool of workers declines!

Charlie Brown
Precision Plumbing