State Member Benefits

Member Benefits----------

Maine and National Plumbing, Heating & Contractors membership is a risk-free investment in the success of your business...guaranteed to improve your bottom line!

Current industry and association news and information with weekly e-mail alerts 

PHCC Quarterly Newsletter Connection

Maine's Newsletter for the P-H-C trades Maineline

Reduced seminar registration rates

Reduced rates for all NAPHC manuals & publications

Membership in the National PHCC Association (Contractors only)

10% Discount NEBS - 33% Discount on first time purchases

25% Discount Aramark - the largest nationwide uniform service company

Low Rates on Credit Card Processing

PHCC Professional Product Lines

3% Mobil/Exxon Fleet Discount and waive 50% sign up fee 

Scholarships - State and National

Profit from pro-active legislative and regulatory initiatives to keep national, state, and local business environments conducive to your success.

Get the business and technical "smarts" you need to be successful in an increasingly competitive market...with over 250 multi-media education and training options.

Save up to 50% on some of your biggest business expenses through exclusive arrangements with selected business partners.

Add savings of up to 50% on all PHCC products program, services and events with "Members-Only discounts...and save enough to cover the cost of your annual dues!

Meet other PHCC members at national, state and local events for advice, support, and more   business.

Experience the power of PHCC at the Annual convention and the ISH North America Trade Show...where networking, education, business and fun come together for you!

Increase your business by displaying the PHCC logo on uniforms, service vehicles and ads... your best customers trust PHCC contractors.

Build a quality workforce for your company and the industry with apprenticeship programs,scholarships and career promotional material-ideal for local career events and school counselors.

Get unlimited free technical support with PHCC's toll-free "Techline" thousands on expensive consulting fees. 

Extended Service Agreement Program

ADP screening and Selection Services reduced rates on pre-employment screening,

           50% discount on the state fee for Motor Vehicle Reports.  Get criminal history reports,

          employment reference checks, credit reports, workers' compensation reports and


Annual Dues--------

Contractor:   $675 (Prorated $56.25per month X #months left in the year) Of the $675,

         $511covers the national dues and the remaining $164 covers the state of Maine dues.


Associate:    $300 (Wholesalers, Reps, Manufacturers, Anyone Active in the PHCC trades except contractors)