HR Question of the Month:
Can you terminate an employee for drinking on the job?

An employee was drinking on the clock, but he told his manager that he needs help and wants to go to drug-rehabilitation program. Can you still fire him for breaking company policy even though, after the fact, he stated he needs personal help and might need to take a leave of absence?

“I want to be a plumber when I grow up.”

A 12-year-old boy with autism spectrum disorder loves swimming, gymnastics, running, and – most of all – plumbing. Read about his time as an honorary plumber, and how he’s already setting his career wheels in motion.


Foundation Supports Contests at SkillsUSA Competition

Twelve top plumbing and HVACR students received honors in the competitions at SkillsUSA in Louisville, Ky.

Virginia Chapter Influences Workforce Legislation

PHCC of Virginia successfully advocated for workforce development legislation that will address the state's skilled labor shortage.


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    State of the Union Analysis: Favorable Business Legislation Ahead? Veto Power is Key

    President Obama delivered his sixth annual State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill on Tuesday night, Jan. 20, 2015....

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    The Political Pendulum

    The political pendulum swung again – this time in favor of the Republicans. This was not a huge surprise, as we knew...

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    The Skills Gap: A Critical Need

    I drove from Washington, D.C., to New York recently. It’s a very easy 4.5-hour drive. As I approached New York, the...

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