New Year. New Energy Conservation Standards.

The final countdown is on! New DOE energy conservation standards for residential cooling equipment go into effect on Jan. 1, 2015. For two product classes – split system central air conditioners and single package central air conditioners – the new minimum use standards are based on the region of the country where the equipment is installed … meaning a new enforcement system for HVACR contractors. How does this impact you?

Good News for Your Customers: Heating Supply is UP!

Supply issues – particularly with propane – may have left your customers feeling cold last winter, but officials in the propane and natural gas industries are reporting that supply is up this year and that they’re ready to prevent any shortages or unexpected price increases. Also take time to remind them of the dangers associated with portable heating devices, which account for one-third of all home heating fires each year!


Make sure your I-9 forms are current!

Don’t get caught with a whopper of a penalty. Learn timely tips on how and when to complete the three sections of the form plus common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Find Out How to Crush It on Yelp

The recent “5 Strategies for Being Remarkable on Yelp” webinar received unprecedented attention by PHCC members. Find out the highlights and watch the recorded webinar.


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    The Political Pendulum

    The political pendulum swung again – this time in favor of the Republicans. This was not a huge surprise, as we knew...

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    The Skills Gap: A Critical Need

    I drove from Washington, D.C., to New York recently. It’s a very easy 4.5-hour drive. As I approached New York, the...

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    Marijuana and the Construction Industry

    Regardless of personal views on the subject of drug use, the recent legislation allowing states to legalize the use of...

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