Sharing “Ride and Decide” Experiences

With the PHCC of Tennessee’s summer “Ride and Decide” program concluding July 31, the association hosted a luncheon this week for members, students and employers. Participants shared their experiences in the program that pairs students with trade industry contractors for paid work during summer break. Check out this WATE 6 interview with program founder Gordy Noe.

U.S. Apprenticeships on the Rise: Add That to Your Recruiting Toolbox

When recruiting the next generation of skilled workers, try pushing the value of PHCC Educational Foundation’s apprenticeship program! Not only are apprenticeship numbers up in the United States, but statistics on apprentices’ average starting salaries are more impressive than ever, reinforcing why such partnerships are becoming known as “the other four-year degree” that offers a low-cost way for young people to get jobs and an education.


PHCC knows what keeps you up at night

Learn strategies at CONNECT 2015 that will translate into peace of mind…and a good night’s sleep!

Employee or Subcontractor?

The DOL issued new guidance to clarify worker classification as either employee or subcontractor.


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    State of the Union Analysis: Favorable Business Legislation Ahead? Veto Power is Key

    President Obama delivered his sixth annual State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill on Tuesday night, Jan. 20, 2015....

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    The Political Pendulum

    The political pendulum swung again – this time in favor of the Republicans. This was not a huge surprise, as we knew...

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    The Skills Gap: A Critical Need

    I drove from Washington, D.C., to New York recently. It’s a very easy 4.5-hour drive. As I approached New York, the...

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